Last Wednesday Eilbeck Cranes delivered and installed another crane for the biggest public transport project in Australia, the Sydney Metro 2. This 50t crane installed at the Pitt Street site was the 11th delivered by Eilbeck to the project and will serve as the mucking crane throughout the tunnel boring works.

50 tonnes mucking crane delivery to Pitt Street in Sydney

Eilbeck Cranes already delivered overhead, full and semi portal cranes to Marrickville specialised factory that is in full production preparing concrete segments which will line the 15.5 km twin tunnels from Chatswood to Sydenham.

With tunnelling to begin before the end of the year from Marrickville to Barangaroo, Chatswood to Blues Point and under Sydney Harbour, the operation to produce these concrete segments is now in overdrive.

50 tonnes mucking crane installation at Pitt Street site shed

With work going on around the clock, a 4 tonne segment being produced every 6 minutes, from pouring the concrete to smoothing and sculpting it and then baking it in a giant oven and transferring it with Eilbeck’s special built bespoke cranes from the production line to the factory floor.

There are already more than 2.5 thousand concrete fabricated segments ready to go, the first of almost 100.000 needed for the four metro twin tunnels.

20 tonne Full and Semi Portal cranes after delivery to Marrickville precast yard

Final work and testing on another crane for the Sydney Metro is taking place at Eilbeck’s crane factory in Ingleburn. This crane with a massive custom built 280 tonnes hoist will be delivered to the dive site at Marrickville end of the month and used to assemble heads of the TBM machine. This is the second heavy crane designed and manufactured for Sydney Metro by Eilbeck Cranes for the TBM assembly work with the first 220/50 tonnes already installed at the Barangaroo site.

280t crane at Eilbeck’s Moorlands factory

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