Eilbeck Cranes has been awarded the overhead crane and gantry crane package for the Sydney Metro project which is taking Sydney into a new era and greater levels of competition on the world stage.

Eilbeck Cranes was rewarded with this great project by also continually investing heavily in itself over the last two decades to ensure we would be part of this new era. The last few years have seen expansion into a Heavy Machining Centre at its two Ingleburn workshops to ensure we were in a position to offer a product with the highest possible local content of not just raw materials but brilliant minds with local engineering experience and skills. We have not just secured some of the best overhead crane contracts in Australia today but secured the future of many local families and new apprentices who will learn important skills to take them well into the 21st century in an ever-changing work environment.

The cranes are a combination of small 2t overhead bridge cranes utilising the best of Australian and German engineering technology through to massive 280t capacity full portal cranes which have been 100% designed, machined and manufactured right here in Ingleburn, NSW. There are nearly 20 cranes in the project so far and possibly more to follows.

Eilbeck Cranes was able to offer a fully customised solution for a complex heavy duty machinery from concept to delivery to site in less than 20 weeks. A virtue that makes our multinational competitors look in wonder. Eilbeck Cranes is in a position to make a sound engineering decision in hours, not days or weeks. This is well received by our customers who experience our support throughout projects of this nature. As proven time and again on similar projects to be the true essence of Australian manufacturing, delivered right to the end of the project.

The support of strong Australian and overseas companies alike is a humbling experience at this level and only inspires the whole Team at Eilbeck Cranes from the workshop floor to the very top of management to work harder, better and smarter and take on the biggest challenges the future has to offer.

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