NorthConnex will deliver significant benefits to local communities by easing congestion on Pennant Hills Road, putting more than 5,000 trucks a day underground and returning local streets to local communities. It will also boost the state and national economies by providing more reliable journeys and shorter travel times for the movement of freight. When completed, NorthConnex would enable travel from Newcastle (M1) to Melbourne without a single set of traffic lights.

Trelawney site temporary facilities – construction compound

The crane constructed by Eilbeck for the Trelawney site has been optimised for the 57m deep shaft lifting operations with separate settings for 100t (2.5 m/min) and 40t lifts (17 m/min) and man-riding capability. Main purpose of the crane will be to lower heavy machinery into the shaft for the next 5 years of NorthConnex project works.

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During tunnel operation, the emergency ventilation and fire safety systems include two tunnel support facilities located at Wilson Road, Pennant Hills, and Trelawney Street, Thornleigh. The Trelawney Street tunnel support facility would serve the northern portion of the tunnel. The facility would include an emergency smoke extraction, air intake system and a substation. The site would also serve as temporary construction site and compound.

When would the facility be used?

  • Fire incident: In the very rare event of a fire incident in the tunnel the ventilation system would extract smoke from the tunnel through the portals and / or one of the two tunnel support facilities. Smoke would be extracted from the tunnel and released through the smoke extraction outlet by jet fans pushing it high into the atmosphere.
  • Low speed traffic conditions: During low speed traffic conditions additional fresh air may be drawn in to the tunnel from the Trelawney Street facility to ensure air quality is maintained within the tunnel.

Construction activities

Site establishment started in August 2015 and will continue throughout April 2016. This work includes:

  • Removal of buildings and structures
  • Vegetation clearing
  • Services investigations (night work)
  • Construction of deceleration and acceleration lanes on Pennant Hills Road
  • Piling to support excavation of tunnel shafts and foundations of acoustic shed
  • Construction of acoustic shed

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