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Power supply system with KBH safety conductor


means Kompaktes Berührungsgeschütztes Hohlkammerprofil (compact contact protected hollow profile). The ABUS KBH safety conductor may be used for power supplies to one or more mobile units. The conductor system features contact protection, is corrosion-resistant and is suitable for use in dust-free atmospheres in indoor and outdoor service.

Festoon cable

The ABUS festoon cable system can be used to supply power to a maximum of two hoists on one track. Festoon systems can be used in a wide range of applications: for power supply for movable machines and devices, for example for trolleys, crane travel, HB-Systems, electric hoists and machine tools.

Electrical installation material

Electrical power and control lines for cable carriers and energy chains as well as for push button pendants on hoists. Cable glands, adhesive clips for round and flat cables.


ABUS Components A


ABUS Components A

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