Stooled-up Double Girder Crane ZHB-X Hero Image

At a glance

  • Optimal use of available room height thanks to stooled up crane.
  • Extremely low profile.
  • Wide suspension spacing.
  • Optional electric hoist travel.
  • Optional mobile control.
  • Great choice of standard mounting options.
  • Great range of additional equipment as option.
Stooled-up Double Girder Crane ZHB-X Featured Image

Stooled-up Double Girder Crane ZHB-X

The ZHB-X is your answer should the building height of the ZHB prove to be insufficient. The crane girder of this double girder crane does not run underneath the crane tracks but between them. The total height of the crane is equal to the height of a single profile. A vastly improved lifting height is achieved. This can be very useful if high machinery in the transport area needs to be negotiated.


ABUS HB-System


ABUS HB-System

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ABUS Electric chain hoists (ABUCompact)


ABUS ELectric Chain Hoists (ABUCompact)

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