Do you have a reinforced concrete floor (normal concrete or steel fibre concrete) and would like to use a suspended rail system for your transport tasks?

Portal support systems, with their support distances between the portal supports can be individually optimized to your requirements, so that they do not collide with machines positioned underneath or with other equipment. The operating ranges under the suspended rail system remain easy to access. If lateral stiffeners are required, they are mounted as high as possible between the portal supports. This enables lateral entering, e.g with a forklift, to remain possible.

Portal support construction

Mounting the suspended rail system directly onto the portal supports

Another reason for a portal support system can be the numerous suspensions of the suspended rail system, which make fastening to the cantilever supports uneconomical.

Portal supports with load distribution beam on top

Mounting the suspended rail system onto the load distribution beams

The portal support constructions are designed to be resistant to bending. They are usually set up free-standing in the building. Lateral mounting to the building construction is also possible.


The pillar bases can have a very small design - the position is secured using dowels.