Electric Wire Rope Hoists

ABUS electric wire rope hoists are the central components of crane systems for handling heavy loads. They feature motors, brakes, transmissions and electrical and electronic systems that have all been tried and tested over many years of arduous service. Standard precision travel and lifting speeds allow the power and speed available to be dosed precisely. ABUS electric wire rope hoists are also extremely user friendly, featuring compact design, very easy maintenance and easy plug-in connectors.

  • Load Capacity: up to 120t
  • Characteristics: favourable dimensions, comprehensive standard and optional equipment

ABUS GM Wire Rope Hoists

Quality Features

  Hoisting Gear
Lightweight gear units with silentrunning flat bevelled gears deliver the torque required. Four different gear ratios are available for each model.

  Hoist Motor
Sturdy pole change motors with cylindrical rotors and integrated safety brakes are the power house of ABUS wire rope hoists.

  Rope Guide
A resilient low-friction plastic rope guide designed as an expanding ring provides positive guidance for the rope. The rope guide also reduces wear on the rope and rope drum. It is also easy to install, reducing maintenance requirements for the unit as a whole.

  Bottom Block
The elegant bottom blocks are equipped with protective edging around the rope opening. Long service lives and high safety levels are outstanding features of the resilient annealed steel rollers with machined rope grooves and annealed load hooks.

  Safety Brake
The dual-disk electromagnetic brake features automatic braking in the event of a power failure. Asbestosfree brake linings designed for approx.1million braking operations make for long maintenance intervals.

  Electrical System
The easy-to-service control system with ABUS LIS control unit includes motor protection functions, operating hours meter and overload protection function.

  Easy Plug-in Connector
The factory fitted ABUS plug and socket connections reduce installation and maintenance work to a minimum. Connections are easy to assemble and dismantle. Furthermore incorrect connections are impossible.

  ABUS Emergency Limit Switch
Two standard switching points for the highest hook position ensure double safety.

  Cross Travel Trolley
Hoist trolleys are fitted with four flanged wheels with permanently lubricated roller bearings, designed for use on tracks with parallel flanges. Wheels for tracks with inclined flanges are available as an option.

  Cross Travel Drive
Two compact epicyclic reduction gears with pole-changing brake motors directly drive two wheels.

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