Welded Stud Crane Rail Clips

CL Series
CL Series
AD Series (and BD & CD)
One-Bolt crane rail clip S73R
Welded Stud Crane Rail Clips nut
Welded Stud Crane Rail Clips lock washer
Welded Stud Crane Rail Clips cam
Welded Stud Crane Rail Clips clip body
Welded Stud Crane Rail Clips steel stud
CLX Series
CLX Series
W10R series (and W7R, W5R)
One-Bolt crane rail clip S94R
  • For rail sizes from 30ASCE to 175 CR.

  • Studs up to 11/4" in diameter.

  • Lateral load capacity up to 5O kips.

  • Single stud installation welded with standard electrodes.

  • Available with synthetic pressure block nose or plain nose.

  • Can be used in conjunction with crane rail pad.

  • Advantages: Combines engineering efficiency with cost economy. Designed as a bearing type connection, with no eccentric loading of the stud or its weld. The clips are designed so that appreciable bending loads are not developed.

  • The clip body and cam can be hot dipped galvanized with no reduction in lateral resistance rating.

  • Installation: Weld the stud to the runway steel. Position the clip body over the stud and against the rail. Position the cam in the body with the stud through the eccentric hole. Rotate the cam to align the rail. Install the washer and nut. Torque the nut as required.­­­­

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