Welded Platform Base Crane Rail Clips

Available in single and double bolt clip types.

Lateral load capacity up to 60 kips.

Available for American rail sizes 30 ASCE to 175 CR. The clips are also compatible with European rails.

The welded platform provides a steel base support for the cam adjustable clip and allows extensive weld capacity in excess of theoretical requirements.

The steel platform may be welded to the runway by the fabricator and shipped to site where the rest of the clip is assembled over it. The bolt head is captured by a pocket in the welded platform. The bolt is installed after the platform has been welded to the crane runway.

The patented design of Molyneux adjustable welded platform clips allows no direct transfer of lateral load to the bolt. This is because the bolt is protected by the raised bolt saddle, which itself receives the lateral load.

One-Bolt crane rail clip S95CR5
One-Bolt crane rail clip S95CR5
One-Bolt crane rail clip S73R
One-Bolt crane rail clip S73R
Two-Bolt crane rail clip SD96R
Two-Bolt crane rail clip SD96R
One-Bolt crane rail clip S94R
One-Bolt crane rail clip S94R

The clips are designed as a bearing type connection and are unaffected by oil and grease. These cam adjustable style clips can also be loaded to the maximum lateral load resistance with the nut torqued to only 25 ft-lbs with no rotation of the cam occurring. The clips can be hot dip galvanized without lowering their lateral resistance rating.

The clips can be used in applications that require crane rail pad. Features include 100% rail lateral location combined with 100% retention of crane rail pad beneath the rail.

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