Steel Reinforced Crane Rail Pad

Steel Reinforced Crane Rail Pad


  • Pad thickness: 9/32"
  • Shore hardness: 75 durometer plus or minus 5
  • Shore hardness after ageing: 75 durometer plus or minus 5
  • Temperature range: -40°F to +212°F
  • Ultimate tensile strength: 2500 psi
  • Rebound resilience: 30%
  • Elongation: 250%
  • Permanent set: 5%

Features & Use

  • Reduces noise and structural vibration
  • Reduces rail wear and fatigue stresses
  • Reduces crane runway maintenance
  • Reduces stress in the runway structure and the crane
  • Totally resistant to water, oil, grease, mildew and fungus
  • Absorbs the uneven contact between the rail and the supporting structure
  • Protects the crane mechanism and increases wheel, bearing, and axle life
  • Eliminates wear grooving of the rail on the runway due to fretting corrosion
  • Distributes the wheel load over a larger surface area, reducing high local bearing stresses
  • Has a high recovery rate to dampen each wheel pass and to resist permanent deformation
  • Available for all rail sizes. * We recommend the use of welded rail joints when using crane rail pad

Moderate Duty Crane Rail Pad

Moderate Duty crane rail pad

Moderate duty crane rail pad is used for moderate duty crane runway applications.

Intermittent Crane Rail Pads

Intermittent Crane Rail Pads

IP crane rail pads are designed for runways where the rails are discontinuously supported.

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