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Project Sydney Metro 2, Barangaroo - Load Testing 100.BANGN
Job 27320. John Holland P/L, CPB Contractors P/L, Ghella P/L
SN 21760
Crane 220t (50t) x 11m ZLK

On Wednesday 6th of June, Eilbeck Cranes completed the successful commissioning of the first overhead gantry crane for the Sydney Metro Stage 2 project specifically dedicated to installation and setup of a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) for the Barangaroo site.

First up was the 242 tonne test lift (110% of the 220t maximum rated capacity). On the ground Eilbeck Cranes had trusted technicians monitored and ensured a smooth and stable testing operation.

In less than 48 hours of a successful maximum rated capacity test lift, Eilbeck Cranes had re-reeved the gantry crane (220t 16 fall to 50t 6 fall) to facilitate the kibbling process of the initial shaft setup and continuing material removal from the tunnel excavation. Then proceeded to test and confirm successful operation of the 50t mode into the overspeed region to ensure our client meets their overall cycle times (32m/min @ 7.5t to 16m/min @ 40t; equates to empty kibble against full kibble).

220 tonne test weights ready to be lifted by Eilbeck Cranes trusted and dedicated technicians

The gantry crane comes equipped with cutting edge smarts 110% designed and implemented by our electrical design team. Some additional features include:

  • Remote connectivity to provide around the clock local and quick engineering support where required
  • Web visualization software to allow technicians to access live information of crane status and feedback from the ground
  • Smooth and stable control of the hoisting and travel mechanisms into the overspeed region based on load
  • Instantaneous shock load detection and reporting back to our client
  • Live accessible crane data by our client via further web interface to the on board load recorder

All in all, Eilbeck Cranes has yet again delivered another outstanding product, meeting all our client’s requirements with additional user friendly features ahead of schedule and above standard.

220t hoist on crane at Eilbeck's Moorlands factory

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